Best NFT Airdrops and Giveaways for May

The month of May has several opportunities outlined for crypto enthusiasts. Different NFT airdrops and tokens have been listed that people could participate in as long as they follow all the needed requirements.

Table of Contents

  • List of the Best NFT Airdrops for May
    • Walmart Token
    • Tellastory NFT
    • Binanceyield
    • Fanatics Cash
    • Coynful
  • List of the Best NFT Giveaways for May
    • Jackals Kingdom
    • Siderum
  • New NFTs
  • Best NFT Airdrops and Giveaways – Conclusion

This article lists the best NFT airdrops and giveaways available in the month.

List of the Best NFT Airdrops for May

If you are looking for the best upcoming NFT airdrops, here are the options for May:

Walmart Token

The Walmart NFT airdrop gives every participant a chance to have a significant influence when it comes to the future e-commerce ecosystem. This commerce ecosystem is currently running on the Binance Smart Chain. Therefore, the Walmart token can be termed as a hyper-deflationary sub-coin that encompasses an innovative sharing system in which investors will have the opportunity to ass the Walmart token to their wallets.

Every holder will receive 7% distributed commission fees for every successful transaction if this happens. To participate in this NFT, the first step will be to copy and paste the needed link into the dApps browser available on Trust Wallet. After that, participants will connect to the BSC wallet and later claim the airdrop. There is a 1B reward with an estimated value of 120USD. This NFT airdrop will end on 10 May, making it a good investment.

Tellastory NFT

The TellaStory NFT airdrop will run all through 31 July 2022. To participate, users will be required to refer people to their airdrop bot. The first step of doing this is by Clicking on the airdrop link. Users will then start the bot and complete the available tasks.

There are only two tasks for interested participants to complete: joining their telegram group and the channel. Finally, users will need to complete a minimum of five referrals to receive user pay. There are no maximum referrals, and users will be earning 10 TellaStory tokens for every five referrals they bring in.


The Binanceyield staking program allows the investor the opportunity to receive up to 270% of their return on investment, and it is an approach that has been proven safe. To participate in this NFT, users will be required to copy the link and open a trusted wallet.

Paste the link into the dApps search bar, after which users will select the BSC and claim the NFT airdrop. Finally, users will import custom tokens into their wallets. This airdrop will continue until 22 May 2022, and it is a good investment. There is an 800 million worth of tokens, an approximate value of 150USD.

Fanatics Cash

The Fanatics Cash airdrop allows participants to win themselves Cash Fanatics (FCH). This NFT airdrop is already ongoing and will last all through the year, after which it will end on 31 Dec 2022. The rewards given to participants will range between 2FCH and 100 FCH. The whole participation process of this NFT contains 36 phases, with each phase having 3000 FCH per phase.

Each phase begins at the start of every month and ends when the day ends. To participate in the process, users will need to have an account with the exchange, and once users do, users will need to log in. After that, participants will click on the Free distribution. They will need a Telegram, UsersTube, and email address accounts.


Coynful is an already active airdrop that will be ongoing for quite some time since the end date is yet to be set. There will be a maximum of 1000 participants who will be given 10,000 rewards, which surmount to an estimated value of 100USD. To register, users will need first to register an account and update an avatar.

After that, participants will submit an email and BEP20 address that users will receive COYN. The NFT rewards will be awarded to the potential winners at the discretion of the NFTs. Participants should also be aware of and understand those unknown circumstances.

List of the Best NFT Giveaways for May

If the best NFT airdrops are already presented, let’s see the best NFT giveaways.

Jackals Kingdom

Jackals Kingdom is a gaming NFT platform that aims to build an ecosystem of blockchain games. The platform allows users to play games and trade NFTs while participating in network governance and consensus. Besides, users can benefit from various features like Jackals Kingdom and Jackals Kingdom Store. Both platforms serve as a gaming platform and an NFT marketplace, respectively.

While this NFT giveaway is already ongoing, its end date is yet to be known, and users, therefore, have a chance to participate in it and get rewards of 1 Jack. To participate, users will need to follow Jackal’s Twitter and retweet their pinned tweet after tagging three friends. Users will later Join both the Telegram Channel and Group.


Siderum is a metaverse that allows users to walk around in their customized avatars in an amusement park. While in the park, they can collect BEP20 tokens scattered around the amusement park and interact with the existing attractions.

The metaverse, in that case, is P2E, and therefore, when users interact with their attractions, they are eventually thrown into games where they will make SDRM earnings. This giveaway does not have any requirements, and participants will only be required to claim their giveaways.

New NFTs

Currently, the crypto market has several new NFTs, and more are created every day. Some of the new and existing NFTs in the gaming world include the Tap Fantast Metaverse NFT, the famous MMORPG game TAPTAP FANTASY. This NFT enjoys recommendations from Facebook.

This project already has millions of users and multiple skins and characters for its users. Zombie NFT by BRraindom Games is another new Zombie NFT. This collection includes over 3000 unique NFTsby Braindom games. The final unique new NFT is WonderfulDay Tiger NFT, a decentralized NFT mint, trading, and data display platform.

Best NFT Airdrops and Giveaways – Conclusion

The crypto world is growing significantly every day. Each month comes with several NFT airdrops and giveaways for NFT enthusiasts to watch. This article outlines the best NFT airdrops and giveaways that crypto fans can consider in May. Those seeking to buy or sell their NFTs can do so by registering on NFT marketplaces that will host their products’ to the world.


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